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Company profile

Plunge Interactive is a game development outsorcing studio formed by a team of experts in the game development industry. Our values are:

- Extensive gaming expertise and outstanding quality

- High level of efficiency and cost effective ness

- Excelent protection & guarantees

Description of tasks and professional profile developed by the student / worker

Develop games under C++ language or Unity 3D platform

Integrated training in the company

24 ECTS + 12 TFM

Training semesters S1, S2 i S3

18 ECTS Specialty Courses

  6 ECTS Trending Topics in Information Technology

12 ECTS Final Master developed in the company

Profile of students / workers

Knowledge and requirements

It is required hat students have at leats basic knowledge about developing games with C++ or Unity


We require that students have a english medium level

Other aspects to assess the selection process

Any other experience related to game development could be valuable