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Carles Mateu Pinyol

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The degree in figures
The degree in figures
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Presentation of the Master

The Master in Computer Engineering is a professional master's degree that provides our students with the competencies and skills to practice the profession of Computer Engineer.

The Master in Computer Engineering brings you in a totally practical way to the most innovative methodologies and technologies in the different areas of computer science, at the same time that it will prepare you to integrate into large computer projects as well as direct, coordinate and plan them.

Likewise, the training complements of the Master provide our students with solid scientific and technological foundations that enable them to carry out R + D + I activities. The modality of delivery of the studies of the Master in Computer Engineering is face-to-face, even so, a design of the schedules and training activities aimed at students who cannot attend classes regularly together with personalized attention make it easier for you to follow up the classes and your own learning process, making it possible to combine your studies with other activities in the world of work.

All this, we will do with a team of motivated teachers to help you in the learning process; with a curriculum that emphasizes practical and innovative aspects, and that offers you the opportunity to work for a few months in a computer company.

Why do you have to study this master at EPS?

The main purpose of the Master in Computer Engineering is for its students to acquire advanced training, of a multidisciplinary nature, aimed at training professionals capable of effectively and efficiently managing and developing new high-tech projects in the field of ICT.

This Master's degree is accessed after having completed undergraduate studies or any official university degree.

The Master in Computer Engineering has a duration of 90 credits (3 semesters) and is specially designed to meet the great demands that both local and international companies currently have in the ICT sector.

The socio-economic context of recent years and the globalization of markets has forced technology companies to be more competitive, innovative and open up to new international markets that has allowed them to grow and strengthen, in a more than unfavorable socio-economic context. In this context, companies in the ICT sector require specialized professionals capable of leading innovative projects, and of effectively and efficiently managing the resources and infrastructures necessary to carry out the entrusted projects.

The main objective of the Master in Computer Engineering at the UdL is to provide our students with these specialized connections and to meet the professional needs of both local and international companies with which the Higher Politècncia School works closely in the preparation of the study plans and the training of future professionals.

The teaching staff who teach the classes is mainly made up of Ph.D. teaching staff belonging to established and prestigious research groups, which provide a solid basis for undertaking innovative and quality studies. The rest of the teaching staff of the degree are professionals from companies in the ICT sector who provide our students with expertise and knowledge from the world of work. The commitment of the Higher Polytechnic School is to carry out a proactive training, placing the student at the center of the learning process, using continuous assessment, active pedagogical methodologies and a professional orientation (with compulsory company practices), at the same time as The student body begins in research and / or innovation (through work in research groups) and in the management of projects and technological infrastructures.

Come to the Polytechnic School to study a current degree, essential to meet the challenges of the 21st century society and with a very high labor demand:

  • Because the University of Lleida has extensive teaching experience in this teaching offer. In the 2020-21 academic year, EPS celebrates 30 years of Computer Science studies.
  • Because to facilitate the teaching and work internationalization of our students, 40% of the teaching of the master's degree in Computer Engineering is offered in English.
  • Because EPS enjoys a high level of internationalization. Students of the Master in Computer Engineering can enjoy a wide range of international mobility and a double international degree with ITB Indonesia.
  • Because the Higher Polytechnic School offers the Master's in Computer Engineering in Dual Training Modality, being a pioneer throughout the state in this modality

Job opportunities

The master's degree in Computer Engineering is aimed at training highly qualified professionals, capable of planning, developing, directing, coordinating and managing projects, products, processes and facilities in all areas of computer engineering.

Graduates in Computer Engineering from the Higher Polytechnic School, according to data from the latest survey published on labor insertion in Catalonia by the AQU, 2017 Labor Report of graduates achieve a JOB INSERTION of 100%

Graduates of the master's degree in Computer Engineering from the Higher Polytechnic School may develop, among others, the following professional roles:

  • ICT Director, both related to software and hardware, including the management of teams of people, resources and customer relations, leading projects, teams and organizations in the ICT sector within the company.
  • Software engineer, managing the application development process to guarantee quality, usability and user satisfaction.
  • Systems architect, designing distributed applications or evaluating the performance of networks and systems.
  • Information systems consultant, advising on information technology strategy, the distribution of multimedia content to the internet or the management of computer security. Developer of applications for mobile devices, using the most current technologies.
  • Computer scientist, developing intensive parallel calculation applications and simulations of real systems or applying artificial intelligence techniques to solve complex problems.
  • Teaching and transfer of technology to other professionals.
  • Participation in research and development in public and private centers. Responsibilities in IT departments.

International double master

The double degree was created to provide a possibility for students of the two universities (University of Lleida-EPS and Institut Teknologi Bandung-ITB) to obtain a second qualification at a foreign university and face their future working challenges with more options for success by opening the doors of the European and Asian working market. This double degree will offer students of both universities the opportunity to study for at least an academic year (10 months or 2 semesters) at another university and obtain the qualifications of both universities.

Additionally, carrying out a double degree at a foreign university means that students will have to face the challenge of moving and staying abroad for at least a year. This can be a determining factor for meeting the requirements set by the European Higher Education Area, whose main objective is to train professionals capable of working efficiently in any country.

The Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) was founded on 2 March 1959. Its campus is host to the first engineering schools in Indonesia

In 1920 the Technische Hogeschool (TH) was established in Bandung. In the 1940s the School was transformed into Kogyo Daigaku. A short time after the birth of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945, the campus hosted the Technical Faculty (including the Fine Arts department) of University of Indonesia with its headquarters in Jakarta. At the beginning of the 1950s, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Indonesia was also established in the present campus.

In 1959, the present Institut Teknologi Bandung was founded by the Indonesian Government. It was established as a higher education institution of science, technology and art, with the mission to place education and research at the service of society. The ITB is considered as one of the best technology universities in Indonesia and ranked among the best in the world. Bandung, with approximately one and a half million inhabitants, is situated in a mountainous region in the west of Java, and has an altitude of 770 metres. The principal ITB campus in the north of the centre of the city and its other campuses cover a surface of 770.000 square metres.

Indonesia has a tropical climate and its temperatures are relatively constant, with an average of 26 ºC to 28 ºC during the year. The cost of living in Indonesia is quite low. Renting an apartment with a sleeping room may cost between €110 and €260 a month, depending on the location of the apartment. Indonesia offers a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere for international students. Approximately 6.000 international students are studying in Indonesia at the moment. Most come from Malaysia, but many students are also from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan.

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