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Why study?

The aim of the Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering is to provide students with an advanced multidisciplinary training that will enable them to efficiently manage and develop new projects in the ICT area. Access to this degree is gained after undertaking any official bachelor’s degree. The Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering has 90 credits (3 four-month periods), designed to satisfy the needs of national and international experts in the ICT sector.

In recent years, market globalization and the socio-economic context have forced technological companies to be more competitive, innovative and open to new international markets. To grow and strengthen their positions in such a context, the ICT sector requires professionals specialized in project innovation and managing resources and infrastructure.

The principal objective of the Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering of the UdL is to offer students specialized knowledge and provide them with the opportunity to work in both national and international companies, with whom the Higher Polytechnic School has a close collaboration, elaborating syllabi and training future engineers.

The teaching staff consists mainly of teachers with PhD qualifications who belong to research groups of recognized prestige and provide a solid background for this innovating Master course. The other teachers, who come from the ICT companies sector, supply our students with the experience and knowledge from the companies. The Higher Polytechnic School proactively trains students by placing them in the middle of the learning process, ensuring continuous assessment, active methodologies and a professional orientation with compulsory internships. Additionally, the students take part in the school´s research through work in research groups and in the managing of projects and technological infrastructure.