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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment

Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment:

New students

Students from other courses or those with failed subjects

To enrol in the first year of a master’s degree at Catalan public universities, pre-enrolment is required.

In this link you will find all the information to pre-register correctly.

This is the Regulation of access to the master of the UdL.


To register, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the master degree coordinator. That is why it is necessary to have an interview with the coordinator before enrolling.

ENROLMENT IN THE FIRST YEAR OF A COURSE AT THE HIGHER POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL must be processed in person at the secretary’s office of the centre.

Enrolment dates can be seen on the Enrolment Calendar.

Academic regulations on master’s degrees can also be seenNormativa Acadèmica dels Màsters.

Additional enrolment information regarding documents, scholarships, payment, dates and timetable can be found on the following webpage or, in person, at the secretary’s office of the centre.

The centre’s address is: Carrer de Jaume II, 69, campus de Cappont, 25001 Lleida. Telèfons: 973 70 27 01 / 973 70 27 00


Welcome and Tutoring sessions

Due to the great diversity of professional and personal situations of the students of Master in Informatics Engineering, the degree coordinator carries out a set of tutoring actions specified in the following points:

  • Pre-enrollment counseling: the coordinator attends the consultations regarding the syllabus, dual training program, dual program admission process, Grants, foreign students access, etc.

  • Registration advice: it is essential to have an interview with the coordinator before enrolling. In this interview a study of the personal and professional situation of each student is made in order to prepare the training itinerary that best suits their needs, considering their availability.

  • Welcome Seminar: The new student receives during the first week an acclimatization course where essential transversal competences are worked in throughout the course of the master studies but also in his future professional career. In this seminar students develop skills such as team work, communication, self-knowledge, self-criticism, time management, etc.

  • Follow-up: During the Master course, follow-up meetings are held with different objectives. Semester group meetings in order to assess the functioning of the subjects. Meetings with companies tutors and students in order to review the performance of students in the dual training program and assess the degree of acquisition of the skills. Personal interviews for the review of training itineraries when necessary and attention to personal and / or professional consultations.