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Company profile

We are one of the main technology multinationals in Europe and Latin America. With a presence in over 120 countries, we have a worldwide staff of over 42,000 highly qualified professionals. A global technology, innovation, and talent company, a leader in solutions and services providing hihg added value.

In our Software Lab in Lleida, we make tasks of sotfware development, using technologies like Java, .NET, Bussines Analityc Tools (Power Center, ETL's, SAS, ...) ABAP IV, ...

Description of tasks and professional profile developed by the student / worker

We offer tasks based in Working with multidisciplinary teams taking part of different software development steps. Working in IT projects for important customers sited in different locations.

The main technologies used would be Java, .NET, Bussines Analityc Tools (Power Center, ETL's, SAS, ...) ABAP IV, ...

Integrated formation in the Time




The lasted of the formation


Annual gross remuneration


Town will take on the dual training



Profile of students / workers

Knowledge and requirements

Knowledge of .NET: Asp.NET, WinForms, Webforms, C#, Silverlight, WPF, XML.


Knowledge of Java: JEE, Spring, Struts, Hibermate, JSF, XML


Business Intelligence (PL/SQL and reporting tools, BW, MSTRG, PWC, OBI)



Fluent English needed and some Knowledge of Spanish is recommended or fluent Spanish

Other aspects to assess the selection process