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Dual Training


The Dual Training Education System is based on the complementarity principle of learning in an academic degree and training in a professional environment in a company. The student becomes the apprentice studying. It is a form of training that takes place alternately between the university and the company.

Partner companies



The contract modality is foreseen in full-time Internship, which allows the company to temporarily occupy people with a university degree with no experience in the job for which they have been trained.

Non-european students are enrolled in the company by means of extracurricular full-time practices while the enterprise performs all formalities to be hired in a in full-time Internship.


The full-time internship contract considers that a portion of the day the studen is placed at the company and another part is devoted to the academic training in the master, as established in the training plan defined individually for each student.

During academic periods, students will combine their training by developing tasks in the company (4 hours daily) and tracking studies (4 hours daily). This proportion can be changed during the last semester of the studies, as established in the training plan to be developed for each student.

During periods without classes, students attend full time to the company.


Considering that the next academic course starts on September, the dual training period starts on next October until February of the folowing academic course. This period may vary according to each particular situation.


The specialization itinerary for dual training students is Enterprise Integrated Projects. The student will be co-tutored and co-evaluated by a tutor designated by the company and a tutor appointed by the university. The tutors will ensure compliance with the training plan which guarantees the acquisition of the set of competencies agreed in the training plan essential for obtaining the degree.

Vacancies for Dual Training students in the course 2017-18



(gross annual)

ALTER SOFTWARE 2 Internacional o UdL 12.000 € - 14.000 €
GLOBALIA 1 Internacional o UdL 13.000 €
ICG 1 UdL 13.181€
ILERNA 1 Internacional o UdL 13.000 €
INDRA 1  UdL 15.000€
INDRA 2 Internacional 9.600€
IRB Lleida 1 UdL Segons Conveni
OpenNatur 1 UdL 14.000 €
GFT 4 International 15.000 €
GFT 6 UdL 15.000 €

Application and timing

May: The EPS and the companies post the offer of dual training vacancies for students who starts the Master in the new course in September.

Until 28 June: Interested students must register for the Master and fill out a form with the prioritization of companies. The students should upload to the Virtual campus the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Academic Transcript of your bachelor. (Degree that provides to you access to the Master studies)
  • Introduction letter (Optional). Explain your motivation to apply for the Dual training program. I mean, your motivation for doing this Master degree and in dual training modality.

From 29th June to 2nd July the documentation of the students will be sent to the companies.

From 2th to 19th July 

  • Companies will begin the selection processes.
  • Each company will contact the candidates.
  • Before July 19 the company will communicate to the students and to the master degree coordinator the students selected.

From 19th June to 21th July the student enrols to the master degree.

In September a second round of assignments will begin for those students who have remained unassigned.

Late September the students starts the master degree lectures.

In October the selected students will join the company to begin their Dual Training period.